Backup Failure

Backup FailureIt's no secret that back-ups are a high priority for any business. But for the most part, the process of backing up data still leaves network administrators guessing whether their backups have been successful. According to analysts, the instability of backing up and restoring data is so dismal that it ranks as one of the two biggest complaints among storage administrators.

In fact, analysts report that on average 40% of backups fail for a variety of reasons.

It’s not that backing up is hard to do. The problem is that it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle because most network administrators are overloaded already & backups are something that seem like a waste of time and effort, until you need them. Of course you back up your organisations important data.

Backup FailureWe are not suggesting that most admins don’t have a backup strategy in place. But many of those backup strategies haven’t changed in decades. You set up a tape backup to copy certain important files at specified intervals and then forget about it. You don’t get around to assessing and updating that backup strategy or even testing the tapes periodically to make sure your data really is getting backed up until something forces you to do so the tape system breaks or, worse, you have a catastrophic data loss that forces you to use those backups.

It’s even worse when it comes to fully fledged disaster recovery plans. You may have a written business continuity plan languishing in a drawer somewhere, but is it really up to date, does it take into account all your current equipment and personnel? Are all critical personnel aware of the plan?

For instance, new people may have been hired into key positions since the time the plan was formulated. Does the plan cover all important elements, including how to detect the problem as quickly as possible, how to notify affected persons, how to isolate affected systems, and what actions to take to repair the damage and restore productivity.

Now that makes you think! So can you be 100% sure that your IT support provider or IT manager has this working properly?

Do a snap inspection, give them no time to prepare....a disaster waits for no one! and find out. If all data restores correctly you have nothing to worry about. If it does not…

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