Data Leakage

Data LeakageThere appears to be a growing trend for companies to use underhand tactics to get hold of their rival’s private data. This is driven by faster turnover of staff and greater opportunity. People have access to lots of files and they have the means to copy them to a USB stick, iPod or PDA and email them out, or just print off the information.

No industry, however mundane or glamorous, is immune to this problem. The recent spat in Formula 1 racing between McLaren and Ferrari over theft of engineering data just underlines the point that if information is valuable to someone else, it is a potential target for theft.

It's a fact that employees planning to leave their current employer embark on a mission to relieve their company of confidential data and trade secrets as a way of impressing their potential new employer. The most common file to go missing is the customer database, and it is not hard to see why.

Question: Would you use confidential data knowingly removed from a competitor's office?

Question: Can you prevent a member of staff offering your classified information to a potential new employer/competitor?

Question: Does you use laptops or mobile data devices that store information that if lost or stolen may be useful to your competitors?

Gets you thinking doesn’t it?

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