Industrial Espionage

A company's human resources department is the number one target a disgruntled worker would pick given the chance to snoop and potentially leak sensitive information. Accessing key HR data such as payroll information emerged as more of a temptation than snooping the personal profile of managers or colleagues, says new research by Microsoft.

Published recently, the research shows rogue employees have already made significant gains, with almost a quarter having accessed sensitive data on their company network. More than half of those responding to pollster YouGov admitted they would illegally access company information if they were given the opportunity.

Results show that men are less trustworthy, in light of the finding that 27 per cent of males had already trespassed on the company network, compared to just 16 per cent of females. Workers in London and Scotland were the most likely to offend, with the most honest and best behaved workers living in the Midlands.

Particularly worrying is how vulnerable HR and payroll information has become. HR departments typically hold information that could be damaging for business and individuals if in the wrong hands. Details of salary, bank accounts, health records, National Insurance numbers, home address, family members can all be taken by a determined internal snooper or identity thief

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