Disaster Recovery Planning: Insuring Business Continuity

IT Training - Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning: Insuring Business Continuity

2 Day Course @ £198 Per Person

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Develop an emergency plan that keeps your organisation moving forward.

You can prepare yourself and your company by attending this three-day seminar--an information-packed program that enables key decision makers to analyse, create and, perhaps, even upgrade their business contingency strategies. Learn how to put together a proven plan that's right for your business. We'll show you the best way to pinpoint vital information...evaluate key managers and "information carriers" in your organisation...and arrange alternatives for keeping your business operational under even the most trying circumstances.

Who should attend

All top-level decision-makers, long-range planners, contingency planners, risk managers, auditors, MIS directors, disaster recovery task force members...and anyone responsible for the safety and security of an organisation’s employees, equipment, records and facilities. Also, team attendance is encouraged.

How You Will Benefit

  • Assess your company’s current level of emergency readiness
  • Understand the benefits of an integrated, enterprise-wide recovery approach
  • Develop policies and procedures for responding to specific emergencies
  • Safeguard employees, equipment and sensitive information

What You Will Cover

  • Emergency management concepts
  • The planning process
  • Current capabilities: Where do you stand now?
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Business impact analysis
  • Technology and security issues
  • Activating the business recovery plan and team
  • Training and testing: Developing an on-going program
  • Human factors and crisis communication

Support and assistance for business recovery managers

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