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24x7 Unlimited IT Support, Network Security, Business Continuity Solutions, Disaster Recovery Planning, Computer Crime Investigations & Training Courses

Industries We Work With

  • Banks
  • Sports Clubs
  • Marinas
  • Finance
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • ...and You!

Is Your Network & Data Safe?

With firewalls, intrusion detectors & prevention systems installed you would think your business is safe from internal and external data theft or attacks.  Research reveals the biggest threats are within your own IT network.

Can you protect yourselves against data theft, hackers or your own staff stealing company confidential information?

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24x7 IT Support... 

2Clix offers quite simply the best deal in 24/7 IT Support, both in terms of price and quality of service in Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Oxfordshire and the Isle of Wight. We enhance your IT department without the hassle - or the overhead.

We keep your IT systems working by solving problems on a fixed-fee basis.

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Business Training Experts...

For many businesses, cyber security represents new and unchartered territory.

Our tailored coaching and advice service provides reassurance by demonstrating to you the full nature and extent of the cyber risks, while also providing practical tips to make your business become more resilient.

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